Rian Koch – Music in the American Way

Invitation to an Exclusive Workshop with Rian Koch

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to you for a great learning experience! Join us for a special workshop hosted by Rian Koch, a teacher, musician, and a long-time friend of the American Corner Katowice.

The workshop will delve into the history of American music. The United States has been a unique innovator in the musical world, including the inventions of rock, jazz, and blues. Many great artists have originated in America because of cultural influences from Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America. We will explore a bit of American music history, and discuss its influence and impact in the world of music.

Rian about himself

My hometown is Chicago, Illinois, and I have lived in many places; 3 states in the U.S. and 2 foreign countries (Germany and Poland).  I studied History and Philosophy and Eastern Illinois University and Illinois State University.  My interests include music and playing guitar, our pets (2 dogs and 2 cats), and cooking tasty meals for my family.  I have had over 20 different jobs in my life: restaurants, corporations, construction and teaching are a few. As a teacher for the last 20 years, I have had the pleasure to meet many students from various countries including Poland, Ukraine, Germany, France, Iran, Italy, and Turkey.

Details of the Workshop 

🔹 Topic: Music in the American Way

🔹 Date: April 10th, 2024

🔹 Time: 10:00 – 11:30

🔹 Venue: Centrum Informacji Naukowej i Biblioteka Akademicka (CINiBA),  Bankowa 11A, Sala konferencyjna

🔹 Language: English

🔹 How to Enroll: Register by filling out the following form: https://forms.gle/jyHfbQugNgCHaxf37

Important Information

This workshop is exclusively open to not more than 90 bilingual classes students, with slots allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Hence, prompt enrollment is encouraged to secure your place.

Wydarzenie jest realizowane w ramach Europejskiego Miasta Nauki, w paśmie Miasto-Region-Akademia.