Baseball: America’s Favorite Pastime

🎉 Join us for an engaging presentation titled “Baseball: America’s Favorite Pastime” 🎉

👋 Hosted by Althea Cawley-Murphree, Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Consulate General in Krakow and seasoned Foreign Service officer, this event promises a deep dive into the world of baseball—an iconic American sport. With a rich background from serving across various global capacities and a strong academic foundation in public administration and political science, Althea brings unique insights into the cultural fabric of the United States.

🇵🇱 Guest Speaker: We are excited to welcome Krzysztof Małysa, a board member of the Rawa Katowice Baseball Club, who will share insights into the development of baseball in Poland and specifically in Katowice.

🌟 What to Expect:

  • Cultural Insights: Discover how baseball offers a window into American life and values.
  • Learning the Game: Get a beginner-friendly introduction to the rules of baseball.
  • Local Perspective: Hear from Krzysztof about the growth of baseball in our region and the activities of the Rawa Katowice Baseball Club.
  • Interactive Q&A: Have your questions answered, from the origins of baseball in Poland to the differences between baseball and softball.

📍 Don’t miss this opportunity to explore how a sport can reflect a nation’s culture and bring communities together.

Details of the Workshop 

🔸 Topic: Baseball: America’s Favorite Pastime

🔸 Date: May 9th, 2024

🔸 Time: 10:00 – 11:30

🔸 Venue: Centrum Informacji Naukowej i Biblioteka Akademicka (CINiBA),  Bankowa 11A, Sala konferencyjna

🔸 Language: English/Polish

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📍Important Information 📍

This workshop is exclusively open to not more than 90 bilingual classes students, with slots allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Hence, prompt enrollment is encouraged to secure your place.